Stainless steel pipes


Stainless steel pipes are cut size hollow pipes of stainless steel.Usually pipes are made from coils . Pipes come in  various variety . There are different constraints related to stainless steel  .

Some constraints attached to stainless steel sheets:-

    1. Grade
      • Grades define the chemical composition of the product . There are different grades of stainless steel which effect the mechanical properties of stainless steel. Grades under stainless steel are divided into 3 main categories.Some commonly used  grades & different series are :-
          • 300 series  – 304 , 310, 316L ,321
          • 200 series – JT , J4 , SD, DD, 204CU , JSLAUS
          • 400 series  – 409,409M,409L,410,430,439,441
    2. Thickness
      • Pipes are manufactured  in wide range. Thickness range starts from 0.50 mm  and goes on after that . We keep in ready stock thickness up till 10 mm .
    3. Shapes
      • Pipes are being manufactured in several shapes. The most commonly used sizes are :- Round, Square, Rectangle, Oval. However apart from these there are different sizes attached like what should be the diameter or the side sizes etc. which are taken into consideration.
    4. Finish
      • There are different finishes of stainless steel. Finishes depends upon ones usage. Polished pipes are used where  there is direct usage i.e. just cut and use  and are visible to eyes , whereas in case of bending , joining ,  drawing  it is recommended to use unpolished material .
      • Name of different finishes are
            • 2B – basic unpolished
            • HR- hot rolled , have  a rough and unpolished finish
            • Hairline/ matt/ no.4 – the surface is polished . It has  matt finish .
            • Mirror finish / no.8 – This surface is high gloss polished . It gives a reflection of mirror.
  1.  Steel pipes have various areas of applications.There are also some mechanical properties attached to stainless steel . We have put our best to help u understand about sheets. If you still have  any questions in your mind , Please feel free to ask any time .We would love to answer all your questions.


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